One universal screwable handle matching ALL the types of working tips – lower cost and simple as well as effective disinfection, cleaning and sterilization.

Light (empty inside), ergonomically designed handle that fits the hand perfectly.

The surface of the handle is equipped with spiral grooves facilitating a secure hand grip with the use of all types of gloves (latex, nitrile, vinyl), also when saliva is present.

Specially designed durable trigger lever of ergonomic shape that perfectly fits the thumb fingertip of both right and left hand. The contact surface with the operator’s finger was widened and covered with a special texture increasing friction and facilitating precise work with the trigger, even when the finger is covered with patient’s saliva.

Long travel of the trigger! An extremely important feature that enables to properly dose the strength of grip of the broken instrument by precisely choosing the degree of pulling out of the blocking wedge or tightening the ligature loop.

The system is universal for both the right-handed and the left-handed dentists and is adapted to work in EVERY position of operator’s hand grip: forehand, backhand, proximal, distal. Threaded bush of each working tip is rotatably mounted on the shank of the tip that enables a precise, smooth and very easy regulation of setting of any working angle of the tip in relation to the long axis of the trigger lever.

All the working tips are equipped with a PERMANENTLY joined Luer-lock thread. After finished work, it is not necessary to use any special adapters to perform effective disinfection and cleaning of the INSIDE of the tip with a stream of liquid under pressure. The thread also fits to the classical Luer type syringes, but it is recommended to use Luer-lock type syringes for washing and disinfection of the inside of the tips. They allow to generate higher fluid pressure without the risk of a sudden disconnection of the connection between the syringe and the working tip.

Working tips have permanently engraved markings that are not subject to degradation during the sterilization process